All About Old Game Consoles


This is a site that is dedicated to the old consoles and their related games. They are now often referred to as retro. Some may think that they are an item from the past that has no value today except in the stories of the parents and grandparents that used them as their form of gaming entertainment.

Contrary to this, this form of retro entertainment is causing quite an interest. It is for this reason that we felt a site dedicated to the old consoles and games was warranted. It is like a “blast from the past”. As they say, history does repeat itself. But, not to say that the console gaming world is going to retract back to the simplicity of what those old game consoles were comprised of.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Many adults of today worry about the amount of time that the kids spend on their video games. They put the blame for this on technology. What a lot of people have forgotten about is that the video game consoles of today are not new technology they are advanced technology.


Game consoles have been around since 1967, but admittedly they were nothing like they are today. If the kids now only had access to what their parents did or for some their grandparents, it is not likely they would not be quite as enthused. This even applies to the games from way back. Just to bring everyone up to speed, we have created a post about the history of the video game console. There were not just one or two of them either, as time progressed, there were several gaming consoles that became available. The reason for this was the same as it is today, which means because they were so popular.

When one looks back at the history of the video game consoles, there was a lot more to it than one may realize. It is most intriguing to see how the competition helped to create their popularity.

What Was so Good About the Old Games?

It isn’t necessarily what was so good about the old game consoles, it was what value were they offering. Just as people are intrigued about technology today, the same applied during the time that video consoles were being introduced. It was something new and entertaining, and this tweaked the interest in the consumers. They produced an additional use for the television, and it was a great way to entertain the kids without having to leave home. The post that we have dedicated to this explains this in more detail.

Proper Perspective

When looking at what was good about something that involves the past, it is important to look at it for that particular point in time. The value that these consoles had back then would not provide the same value today. However, there is a lot to be said about these consoles as they had a way of bringing people together back then compared to the gaming consoles of today. They were simple to use so more people of any age could easily adapt to them.


The electronic technology of today may complicate things for those who are not too adept at grasping some of its concepts. The old consoles were something that a lot of families would enjoy together. The same cannot be said about today’s video consoles. Although the blame for this could be shifted more on the game choices rather than the consoles themselves.


The post also points out what some of the reasons were for the increase in popularity. These reasons may not be the same reasons that drive the video consoles to popularity today. Back then, a lot of the focus was put on it as a new form of entertainment and something that could be enjoyed by the entire family. Today what plays an important role in a console’s popularity is how much better the graphics are or what additional technology has been added.

The Video Console Industry

It is interesting to follow the history of the video consoles. What is quite intriguing is to look at how the manufacturers reacted in the video console industry during that time. There is a post here that shows how video games progressed based on the competitive nature of the manufacturers.

The Consumers

It is always the consumer that drives the advancements in products, but it is interesting to see how swiftly the manufacturers react to this and how they strive to outdo each other. This is an approach that is favorable for the general public because the end result is always better and more advanced.

What is interesting is that although there have been such major advancements in the video consoles, the retro consoles are still very much in demand.

The Retro Games

The retro games are just as important as the retro consoles. The choice of topics for the games was the highlight of the industry. The attention initially was put on the sports types games then as popularity grew, they transitioned into more of the shooting and adventure type games.

The Wrong Direction

Unfortunately, many of these basic concepts have grown to the point where many of the games have become violent. This may be one of the reasons why retro consoles are becoming so popular once again. People are tired of the violence and want to turn back the clock and enjoy these games as they once were. For the sheer fun and entertainment that they originally were so popular for. The post we have created here shows some positive similarities of today’s retro video consoles concerning the games and how they are being marketed.

Hopefully, you will find the information provided on this site to be informative and to encourage you to take a look at the retro video consoles and perhaps introduce these into the family setting. The entertainment they provide is just as valuable today as it was when they were originally introduced.