Some of the Best Retro Games

If a person that is into video games today were asked to name games from the past some of the most common ones they would come out with would be Pac-Man, Pokemon and for some, they would name Zelda. Of course, the Mario Bros would be among these as well. These are among the classics and why they are remembered by modern-day gamers is partly because the older generation gamers fondly remember them as the games of their era. Also, the biggest reason they are remembered is that these games are still going strong today.


If anyone thinks that Pokemon is a game series is a game of the past that has no place in today’s market, they are sadly mistaken. Many of the retro games are still going strong today and are a huge business. The first release of this what could be called a famous game took place in 1996 called Pokemon Red and Blue. Produced by Nintendo. The latest releases include Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee. Both released in 2018. So the Pokemon series is far from becoming outdated.

The Similarities of Today

It is ironic how some of these classic games like Pokemon are marketed with today tactics. Incentives are used in different categories of the gaming industry, which includes similar techniques in the gambling industry. For example, many of the online gambling portals will use sign up bonuses and codes to attract attention to their products. A similar technique is used with Pokemon, where bonus rewards are offered for new sign-ups. These are advanced marketing techniques that retro game consoles and games like Pokemon can rely on to continue their popularity. They create a win-win situation. The consumers are getting something of value, and the promoter is getting results for their products.

Popular Retro Consoles

Some may think that the retro consoles are sitting in closets gathering dust, but they are still quite popular, The technology of today has not forgotten about them with the ability to use HDMI ports that are the problem solver of outdated cable. The retro versions are being re-made as smaller versions but still have retained all of the features that they were so appreciated for in their day. Some of the retro consoles that are being bought today are:

  • SNES
  • PlayStation One
  • Nintendo
  • Sega
  • Atari

All of which are available in a much smaller, more compact form. With the retro consoles being available, it also means that many of the retro games are too. It means checking the retro consoles to see what games it comes with. Otherwise, they will have to be bought separately, but chances are finding a favorite retro game will not be a problem.